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Midwest Air Photo services are professional and custom tailored to your specific needs. Aerial photographs capture the beauty and features only attainable by air.

Whether you are large corporation, a small business or individual home owner needing aerial photography, we can help you. We offer experienced professional photography at a realistic price which is not charged by the hour, our flat rates give you piece of mind knowing you will not have an unexpected large bill.


Our aerial photography is done from airplanes and helicopters. Our photography is carried out with 21mp DSLR Cameras and the best lenses Canon has to offer. This equipment produces images 4x bigger than a 35mm camera. The result is incredible detail and sharpness.

Let Midwest Air Photo put together a fast and free quote for you today by using any of the methods on our “Contact Us” page.

Most Popular Applications

Residential Real Estate Photographs for MLS listings and Advertising – Great way to show a large property and then have a large framed portrait to give the new owner as a gift.

Commercial Real Estate – Midwest Air Photo specializes in construction progress photography. Photos for investors and marketing applications. Our impeccable image quality, dependable on-time reliability, and professional service are unsurpassed.

Architectural – Why hire a separate photographer to perform ground photography of your property? With any aerial photo package, we’ll provide a comprehensive ground photo shoot of your property.

Farmers and Ranchers
Mapping and Planning uses.
Insurance Companies
Underwriting records, land and structure damage recording.
Local Business Owners
Photos for brochures and advertising
Golf Courses, Schools, Hotels, Shopping Centers, Automotive Dealerships, Roads and Bridges.

Click Aerial Photography Applications for further information and images regarding applications.